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Why Choose Prescription Cycling Glasses

A very important piece of equipment for cyclists, but which is often neglected is a good pair of cycling glasses. They should really be worn every time you go out for a ride, just like you should wear your helmet. A cyclist’s eyes are under constant and often invisible attack from things like the sun’s ultraviolet rays, or insects and other flying objects, so a pair of glasses offers good protection. If you enjoy your cycling but you usually wear prescription eyeglasses, then don’t worry; it’s now possible to get your hands on some very stylish prescription cycling glasses.

There always used to be a severe problem for people who wear eyeglasses, because it was difficult to protect their eyes while also enjoying their bike ride. This was down to the fact that ordinary eye wear was not designed to protect the eyes against strong sunlight or the other elements of nature.

Perhaps the most important aspect for cyclists is that a pair of cycle glasses should allow them to see clearly when out on the bike, and should prevent draughts from blowing into the eyes, which otherwise would cause dryness of the eye. If the cyclist’s eyes become dry, it is a horrible feeling leading to itchiness and irritation, and that can lead to a loss of vision or concentration, resulting in an accident.

Getting a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses is the best option for cyclists who usually wear a pair of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. There is now a lot of choice on the market, but a good first pair would probably be one of the wrap around styles, because these stay on your head better when riding, but more importantly can prevent the wind from blowing into your eyes from the sides.

There is no rule saying you must buy proper cycle glasses though. It is just important to get the right features such as a wrap around style frame, and good ultraviolet blocking lenses. So you will undoubtedly be able to find a pair which are not sports glasses which fit the specification. Prescription sunglasses can often be rather expensive however, so it is well worth looking around for the best prices and to look for special deals, such as buy a pair of normal glasses, get the sunglasses free, or half price.

So don’t feel discouraged if you are an avid cyclist but you need to wear corrective eye wear. Regular safe cycling can still be possible if you find a good pair of prescription cycling glasses, which will solve your vision and your riding requirements.