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The myth of fat burning foods

fat burning foods

Are there such things as fat burning foods?  I don’t think so because whilst some food will guarantee to put on weight, I don’t believe that there are significant results that can be achieved by eating so-called negative energy foods: more on that in a minute.

What I do think though is that if you get your food in the right balance depending on your sport – cycling, swimming in my case – then you are more likely to lose weight than if you just eat any old thing.

Negative energy foods?

Celery is a good example of this. And I am led to believe cabbage soup.  Cabbage soup diet anyone?  Urggh!  The thought is that the food you eat takes more energy to process than it actually contains.  But seriously, you are more likely to lose weight by just not eating.  And that means a slower metabolism which will slow your weight loss efforts.

Not to mention just that, you’ll feel awful too.

So what should you do?

Simply get your diet in the right balance.  The BHF diet does just that.  When I was weight training I was under the impression that I had to eat a lot of protein.  But the more I ate the more I found I put on weight, even though I was following the correct proportions and all the rest of it.

But now I am not weakening, but eat a far lower amount of protein, and more carbohydrate, than ever before.  Not zero protein, just a balanced amount.

In fact now that I am swimming I have noticed that some of the old shapes of muscle have returned from the days when I was weight lifting.

No extra protein remember.

And because of how it works, the more muscle you have, the higher a metabolic rate you have.

So, leave all the fat burning fads behind.  Get exercising, and just hit the free British Heart Foundation diet and it’ll do you everything you need.

Creative Commons License photo credit: [puamelia]