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Sneezing, swimming pools, and the Speedo swimming nose clip

When I went back to swimming a few weeks ago, the first few sessions were fine.  But then last week I came out the swimming pool and started sneezing my head off.  Well it is the season for colds and the like, and on Tuesday I was chatting with someone who had experienced the same thing this week, but hadn’t been swimming.

We both put it down to another weird cold.

But then, with it all cleared off, I went swimming yesterday and the same thing happened.  Right now I am sat here less sneezy, but just as stuffed up.

It doesn’t feel like a cold, so I reckon it’s an allergy to the chlorine in the water from the swimming pool.  I certainly snorted more water up than normal yesterday.

Thing is, I don’t want to lose all the good work achieved by the BHF diet through the winter, and not every day is suitable for going out on.  Unless you are a die hard of course…which I’m not.  Water, wind and cold don’t sit well.  Though I can cope with two of those in combination…

Besides which, winter is a great chance for cross-training.  And I have already noticed that my fitness on the bike is increasing even though I am not out as much, and one training session is swimming.

So, I read up on a few forums, and this one gave me the information I needed.  Suspicions were correct, a Speedo swimming nose clip


Jane L said in a review on Amazon:

I bought this nose clip as I developed a “cold” for two days every time I went swimming and had read that a nose clip might help. It did! I never get any problems after swimming now. The clip is fairly comfortable and doesn’t come off even on a long swim.