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Polar Watch FT2 Review – Cost Effective and Reliable Heart Rate Zone Training Watch With User Profile

Are you looking for a reliable fitness watch? Perhaps you should look into one of the timepieces that are offered by the Polar watch company! Polar watches are renowned for being one of the leading sports time-piece makers on the planet. Polar are noted for their innovations in the area of heart rate monitor devices and while Polar are better noted for making some of the most sophisticated watches on the planet, they have some great entry-level offerings within their collections too, like the Polar Watch FT2 for instance. Here is a brief Polar FT2 review.

The Polar FT2 watch looks identical to the Polar FT1 and every feature is identical with the exception that the Polar FT2 watch can automatically setup your optimal heart rate training zone based your you maximum heart rate. The watch case of these two watches is modern and attractive looking, the watch feels comfortable when worn on the wrist and features a large digital display screen with large digits that are easily recognisable, even when pushing yourself to your limits with bleary, sweaty eyes. The watch has a grey, round push button to start and stop the stop watch and features the HeartTouch feature that allows you to change the watch display by simply brining your training watch close to the heart rate monitor chest strap.

The Polar FT2 heart rate monitor watch, features the T31 coded heart rate monitor chest strap that transmits a digitally encoded signal that is designed to avoid cross talk interference when running in the same area as other heart rate monitor wearers. The primary component of the Polar FT2 watch is support for heart rate zone training. When heart rate zones are set up, the watch will alert you when your intensity is below or above your target. Intensity based training is useful when your training is targeted towards some goal such as losing weight, and a zone alarm is a great way of keeping your training at the right level.

The Polar FT2 watch features a summary screen that will display the details of your last session and store your details in the memory of the watch. The summary page allows you to view your total elapsed time as well as your maximum and average heart rate. This ends our brief Polar FT2 heart rate monitor review. For more information on this watch an other Polar sports watch options, follow the links in this article to go through to our website where you can learn a lot more.