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Morzine Mountain Biking: Is This Your Next Mountain Bike Holiday Destination?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/grayskull/31144651/sizes/m/in/photostream/Morzine Mountain biking, is it for you? Read on for a description of one of the best vacation spots on earth for biking.

Whether you are going off with mates to celebrate your birthday, or just fancy the adventure, the cross country thrill you get out of cycling or serious down-hilling is one of the best feelings in the world.  Don’t do what my mate did though and go over the handlebars!  Where you go of course seriously affects the price of mountain bike holidays: Morzine is no exception.

Mountain biking in Morzine: Accomodation

First, accommodations are varied and range from hotels, apartments, chalets, and guesthouses. The prices are also varied. Almost fifty hotels and several of the other types of accommodations are available. There are no less than five camping venues available.

The variety of trails is seemingly endless. You can start at the top of a mountain for a technical and physical challenge or simply meander cross-country if that is more your style. Here are just four of the many trails that range from challenging to meandering.

1. Samoens descent is one trail, first you go up and then down for 1000m, you need minibus support for this one.
2. Colorado single track is a wonderful trail through the forest.
3. Col de Con is the ascent every biker wants to beat, 400m up and 1000m down.
4. Mont Chery Circuit is one of the more memorable trails, a lift to the summit of Mont Chery and then a sweeping descent.

The lift system operates from 1 June until the last of September. If you prefer cross country riding June and September are a bit cooler and more pleasant.

Rates for mountain bike hire in Morzine range from just under $100/375 to just over. You can take your own mountain bike for riding the Morzine trails especially if you arrive by car. If you do rent a bike, professionals maintain it and you will obtain valuable tips and pointers along with the bike along with the reassurance it is suited to the terrain. Cross- country bikes are cheaper to rent than the downhill models of course because of the suspension factor.  That said, if you are looking for the ultimate thrill ride then you can’t go taking a low suspension bike down some of the steepest rides which make the Morzine mountain bike trail worth the effort.

Morzine Mountain biking sounds divine, something for everyone and beautiful scenery in France. When you decide to take a trip abroad you don’t always want to be taking all that gear with you, and although it’s a risk of course because you can’t guarantee what kind of a bike you are going to get when you arrive, it’s certain that it will be an aweful lot easier than lugging your equipment around with you,  and sometimes you can get away without cleaning.  You certainly won’t have to see to the gasses and the like if you opt to go for mountain bike hire.  Morzine really does seem to be a most beautiful destination!

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