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MAMILs on a road bike: are you one?

Thanks has to go to Phil for putting me on to this wonderful little tale that was reported on the BBC website.

It’s such a wonderfully written piece that I don’t want to repeat too much here, but it will be fun to make some sort of comment.  Because I think that I am, indeed, a MAMIL.


What is a MAMIL?  And why do I keep typing in capitol letters?

MAMIL stands for Middle Aged Man In Lycra

So someone about 50+ then?

Er, no, 35-44

Is it wrong that I should object to being called middle-aged?

Live with it.

Who came up with the term?

Mintela group of researchers who like to put people in boxes so that they can be paid by other people to find out what would be the best thing to sell to people, like, MAMILs.

Why is a MAMIL important to researchers?

Generally speaking, MAMILs have disposable income, and don’t want that middle-aged spread to spread any further. Since that means moving away from the dreamed of Ferrari, and many remember the sporting days of whizzing down the nearest hill beating your mates and possibly skidding off in the process, the solution is the £3000+ road bike.  And if it’s Italian, then even better.


In other words we have the money* and what we want to do is to look the part, get on the bike and have some fun.  Oh, and that means Lycra.

So who is the biggest MAMIL?

My target for the accolade is Lord Alan Sugar.  Though he is a little bit older than middle-aged…


*small caveat…I don’t have the money.  I’m not a middle manager.  It would be nice if I did have the money…