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In Memoriam Lewis Balyckyi

It was with sadness that I learned today that a local lad was killed in a cycling crash near to where I live.  Moreover, this young man of 18, Lewis Balyckyi, had so much potential.

I had heard of him first in my local bike shop which is run by Wallis cycles here in Higher Walton, Lancashire, a few months ago. Wallis aren’t just a bike shop though, they are a cycling team. Lewis had an extraordinary talent and was marked for the 2012 Olympics having already become the Under 16 National Circuit Race Champion in 2008, and was about to turn semi-pro in France.

His death was as a result of a collision with a Ford Transit van at 5 O’clock on the 18th January.  Rush hour.

Round these parts the majority of drivers aren’t that bad, and from the news reports there is little for me to be able to see who might have been at fault, and it would be irresponsible and inappropriate for me to make any comment.

Enough to say though, that if a someone who is about to turn semi-professional can lose their life on our roads, anyone can, and it is fitting that anyone reading this should just stop for a moment and think both of the dangers that they put themselves in when they ride a bike, and the injuries that they can inflict on others when they are in a car.

In conclusion, the reason I learned of the accident was from a friend of mine who saw what I guess would be called the funeral Peloton made up of riders from Wallis.

Rest in peace Lewis.

You can read more about the story as well as comments from his Parents on the BBC news website and in greater detail at Lancashire Evening Post.