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Giordana Cycling Jerseys Personal Branding

giordana cycling jerseysPart two of my post about mens cycling jerseys deals with the wonderfully exciting world of Giordana cycling jerseys.(note that this link takes you to the Giordana site where you can design your own kit, that I refer to later on…www.myteamgiordana.co.uk)

Just bringing to mind the important points I made last time, any cycling jersey needs to be able to deal with:

  • Heat
  • Sweat
  • Cold
  • Keep your lower back covered when you lean over
  • Have pockets to carry all your junk without resorting to a trailor
  • Have good access while you are on a bike to zips and the like

In part two I just have to get excited about the fact that you can design your own team jersey.  Whilst it is nice to get a pro team cycling jersey, emblazoned with the emblems of your hero or favourite kit manufacturer, how much better to be identified as part of a club?

I was out in a leafy area of Cheshire today near Beeston Castle and a bunch of older cyclists rode up from Macclesfield Wheelers, complete with bright orange livery.  And some nice bikes and Mavic wheelsets to boot.  Their colours prompted this post, in fact.

Each of Giordana’s cycling jerseys fulfils the job that long sleeve cycling jerseys should, as listed above.  Some of the materials from this established Italian company of over 30 years in the business are top of the range – look for the FR-C full custom red carbon products, and still brandable.  As they say on their own brochure covers “Giordana custom apparel programs…bring professional level cycling to your local shop, team or club.”

And of course if you are a club, you can make a little extra money by charging a little more than cost.

Giordana make long sleeve jerseys and short sleeve, as well as arm-warmers which make them a great choice as we move into autumn, and with a base layer in the milder NW temperatures they should cope with most of the temperatures I have to endure.

Unless we get a winter like last year…

Minimum order is 30 tops AND 30 bottoms, although you can combine different forms of those.  And the prices are around the same as shop prices, even for the 5 colour variants.  So why bother promoting someone else, promote yourself, and be assured that the materials your kit is made of are the same as those used by the professionals.  And if you are one of the new breed of MAMILS, then you will at least look a little stylish out on the road.