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Cycling Gloves: cheap, fingerless, and full fingered to keep you on the road

You’re looking for the best cycling gloves available to keep your hands warm on the road bike, and the net sure fires up some odd offerings.

Take for example the small propeller attached to the front of your bars which generates a small warming current for your hands.  Good idea until you factor in wind resistance and the strangest of feelings that you could take off at any moment.

Of course, in the winter what most people really want to do is to concentrate the warmth generated by the fingers insulated inside the gloves.  For example, if you suffer from white finger or another incurable nervous condition which affects so many people and is triggered by emotional stress or by cold, then keeping your fingers warm in the first place is a good idea.

Cheap cycling gloves won’t do that for you, nor will string back cycling gloves.  Of course, cheap gloves are fine for summer jaunts although do watch yourself – see below on some pointers that I suggest when going for cheap cycling gloves so that you don’t end up getting a duff pair that will barely last a season.

If you are trying to keep warm this winter then there are a couple of options you could try before shelling out on expensive ski mitts, though that is an option!  First, try some silk glove liners.  A little decadent, but feel good.  Usually designed to provide an extra layer inside ski gloves, these will fit underneath cycling mitts or full finger cycling gloves, though you might need to buy a pair of bike gloves one size larger.

The second suggestion is to try some fisherman’s gloves.  I’ve noticed that thinking more broadly in sportswear seems to work well.  For example I prefer a beanie for running in, and runner’s beanies are cheaper than those for cyclists but essentially are the same thing!  Likewise, you could try fisherman’s gloves which have to be dextrous and have grip for handling lures and the like, as well as keeping your fingers warm after handling wet fish.  So as substitute cheap bike glove sit could work out pretty well.

Toko Profi XC gloves
Lastly, try ski gloves.  Start in the local supermarket clothing section and work your way up until you find something that suites you. Sir.

If you are going to choose cheap cycle glove for the summer, make sure that they have padding in the crotch of the thumb, and are double stitched.  I prefer a lycra back but I have been known to sport a string backed glove.  Leather is a great material for the palm, and you can get some good weight training gloves which do a great job for cyclists, and last a very long time.

Weights gloves make excellent fingerless cycling gloves, in my opinion.  Again, you can choose between neoprene palms, leather, padded and the like.  I would avoid solid backed leather or synthetic simply because your hand will get too hot in the summer.  But excellent gloves exist which are sub £15 and you can snap up great deals on summer gloves during the winter.

Full finger cycling gloves are usually for the mountain bike crowd throughout the year, where you will need protection if you come off.  In which case look for proper mountain bike gloves.  However, cooler spring or autumn weather does cry out for decent road bike gloves.  In which case expect to shell out over £10.00 on a pair, and more likely towards £20.

You need to think through what it is you really want though in this case.  If you get gloves which are too thick then you will get over hot hands.  Get them too thin and you might wish you had never bothered!  Of course, you could buy thinner and then put on the afore-mentioned silk gloves underneath?

Usual guidelines apply though: make sure there is a thumb crotch and double stitching.  Depending on preference, and this can only really be had from experience, you might not want a fully enclosed back.  I know that I have a problem when it comes to road bike cycling because my fingers get cold and painful quickly, whilst my palm can still be really warm, and even the back of my hand stays comfortable.  If you struggle like I do, see if you can ask around and borrow a mates pairs before you commit to buying.

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