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Are you a Cycle Tinkerer?

I can’t help it. I am one of those continuous tinkerers and have been since I was really small, trying to make all sorts of things work that didn’t.  And now on my bike I am the same.

This afternoon out in the hot sun of the backyard I was trying to get the disc brakes on my Halfords Appollo sorted.  They have never been all that good.

A few days ago I dropped my water bottle and slammed on my anchors to recover the errant flask. As soon as I started off again I realised my error.  Somehow the brake units, not the disk, had twisted and was now permanantly on.

In frustration I stopped and after quite sometime I got it fixed. In fact it was such a good fix it was better than ever.  Strong stopping power, and no annoying rubbing that that I had had since buying the bike.

Now yesterday I was coming down off of Mellor Moor and it was really steep. Normally I do ‘t bother braking but the road was steep and curvy, and I didn’t know which nutter might be coming around the bend on my side next.

I got to the bottom, and perhaps it was the heat from friction or something else, but the brakes were stuck again.  More tinkering.

This time however it was a limp home.

Today I ended up spending unfruitful hours trying to discover the squeak and learn why the brakes were so hit and miss.  Would I have been any different if I had been road bike cycling and had normal side pull brakes?  Irrelevant, I got discs!

And there we have it, no solution. All the tinkering in the world hadn’t solved it.   I think that as the quick release closes it distorts the forks, and that means the angle of the thin gap that the disk runs in of the braking system proper is nolonger running in the centre.

link:  http://icyclelite.com/cycle-tinkerer/