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Buy Coloured Cycling Shirts To Stay Safe

A great way to enjoy the outdoors and improve your health is to get involved in road cycling, but there are some hidden dangers lurking away. Every year, there hundreds of car accidents which involves cyclists all over the world. If you don’t want to end up being a statistic, then wearing brightly colored cycling shirts can be a very good option, because they enable other road users to see you. Of course, a good bike helmet will protect your head in the event of an accident, but it would be far better just to avoid the accident altogether. It is your choice of cycling clothing that will have very large role in ensuring your safety while on the road.

Some of the colours that will be perfect to cycle shirts in order that you can be seen at night are bright yellow, orange or white. These are great colours because they enable you to be seen either during the day or night. They give you the ability to stand out against the natural background so that drivers of other vehicles can see you much easier and sooner. Many of the cycle clothing manufacturers add reflective strips to some of their cycling shirts which provide enhanced visibility. So when it is dark outside, the light from a car’s headlamps will be reflected back to the driver making it easier for him to see you. What this means is, if you are wearing a jersey which is bright orange or yellow, then if you can see the car’s lights you will know the driver can see you too.

The colours which it is best to avoid are the ones which are neutral or natural, so browns and greens are not recommended, and neither are colors like tans or blues. These are all colors which we see everyday and which make it very easy for you to blend into the background, and therefore make it difficult for drivers to see you. If you wear a bright and garish pattern, that’s fine, but anything which breaks up your outline is going to act like camouflage, and again, that wil be particularly hard for drivers to see, especially when the light is fading. The best plan for staying safe on the roads is to wear a bike helmet, make sure you wear coloured cycling shirts, and also make sure you use bike lights and reflectors when cycling at night.