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bike doctor ipod app from london cyclist blog review

Like everyone else who has an ipod, I have a ridiculous number of apps sitting on my phone.  But the Bike Doctor App is one of the most useful.

When the bike doctor ipod app first came out it was a little weak.  I liked it, but really it didn’t scratch where I was itching.  The manual that I already had (Haynes) was far better and covered the details much better.  But it was certainly interesting.

Now we are at version 1.4 there is a slicker interface, and there are now 24 detailed home fix-its listed.  I think that for me the best part about the app is just how simple it is to navigate.  There’s a touch map or a listing way of accessing the tutorials, and once you get there there are plenty of pictures showing you how to get around the problem you have with your road bike, or mountain bike.

Each fix and tuning has the full details about how hard it is to perform, the equipment you will need, and actually some short cuts that you can take.

Personally I have found that the app has really helped me, and I even found it a useful quick reference when I was working on my rear derailleur.

As they say on the itunes app store write up, this is probably the cheapest tool you can buy for your bike to keep it running proper.