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Bicycle Pumps in London

I’ve been messing with some ideas recently in my head about what I could do to promote cycling around these ‘ere parts of Lancashire.  Cycling is pretty big round here, but there is the constant nag of bike theft and being knocked off.  More to the point, getting kids out on bikes.

But I, yet again, digress.

Two things which would make it a happier place are security for bikes, without having to carry around a bike lock, and reducing stuff stolen from your bike.

I think there is some sort of bike locker that you can get, and insert a coin or two which means you can lock your bike up.  I will have to look into that more – if you have ever seen such a thing please leave a comment.

The second thing is avoiding getting your pump stolen.  Because you don’t really want to have to carry your tyre pump into meetings.  Now London is really trying to make it easier…with fixed bike pumps!

These seem to be rather wonderfully crafted anti-riot anti-vandalism chrome beauties.  And hey, there’s even a small pressure gauge on them!

In short, in London they are slowly moving towards making cycling simpler and more convenient.  And with the rapidly rising costs of travel be it by car or train, the bike is becoming more and more an attractive offer for many commuters.

Now if someone could do something about this wet British weather….