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Assos Chamois Cream for your Nethers, and why you need it

Assos clothing is the Ferrari of cycle clothing manufacturers. And like all good Ferraris, they cost a lot more than the cycle equivalent of the family saloon (or a Nissan Micra in my case!).

So unless you are either very enthusiastic, have a good paying job like Phil Jones (a recommended blog to attach to your RSS feed), then you aren’t likely to do more than drool over the Assos brand.

Or are you?

For us lesser mortals there is something we can afford: Assos chamois cream*.

The problem of friction

assos-chamois-creme-10-medWhen you are cycling and you have a high cadence then you’re going to have problems with getting friction burns between your legs.

You need to make sure that your saddle is the right shape for your bottom – ladies need a broader saddle for example as they have larger sit-bones. Your choice of cycle shorts is key as well, because if you have seams in the wrong areas you will struggle with irritations. Make sure your pad is well made as well. As far as I’m concerned, the shorts and bib-shorts are the most important aspect of the bike after the bike itself.

But once these are sorted, what else can you do?

Chamois cream

It’s called chamois cream because you used to have chamois leather in your shorts instead of large pads – I have chamois shorts still, but that’s my age rather than a small fortune in my pocket. The name lasts though.

The purpose of the cream is to lessen friction and decrease bacterial problems, not to make you nice and soft underneath! It’s not a thing to be scoffed at either. Friction burns aren’t funny. Saddle soreness isn’t just the aches and pains of getting your body used to the folds of a bike ride which will overcome in a few weeks: that friction issue if you have it isn’t going away soon, and you could end up with a lot of discomfort that will put you off the wonderful sport of cycling.

Just read the reviews* to see what people are saying. Top ratings come from the fact that it’s long lasting, and has a good menthol smell to it. That will help along with the anti-bacterial properties to make sure your nethers don’t stink when you climb off after a hundred or more mile trip. The fact that it’s got menthol makes it cooling too…

What about something else? If you can’t stretch to the just-shy £12 a tub how about trying a favourite of a few of us old ones: Sudocreme. AKA nappy rash cream at just £2 a tub.

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