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Assos clothing and assos bib shorts.

Assos have a variety of different variety of equipment available to the most discerning and enthusiastic road bike cyclist.  And arguably, it’s more expensive.  Ok, so you can probably afford the assos chamois cream (about £10).  But the rest of the equipment is expensive, and top of the range.

You even have to be careful how you wash it.

But is it really any better?

To my mind, the place where this high quality kit scores over other manufacturers is their rather clever layering system.  The cold days are on their way, and whilst I am happy with my current set up of base layer (long sleeved nike base layer) together with Gore windstopper short sleeved jersey and mens cycling tights, once we drop below 10 degrees I’m going to want more.

And the rain isn’t goint to help none either.

For a while, until I was able to lose weight cycling and I dropped a couple of jersey sizes, I had an Altura waterproof, and I could tell the effect of wind resistance.  I also found that once I had sweated into it I was as wet on the inside as on the outside!  Not nice.

So I’m on the look out for layering up, and quite rightly the shorts, then the leggings from Assos are the best way to go forward.  Probably going to start with buying some arm warmers first, which should take me into mid to late October.

So where can you get the Assos brand from? Start out looking at the Assos website, and see what there is.  But then after that you can go to buy Assos at Wiggle, or at Evans.