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I’ve been thinking about all the different posts that I’ve written in the last year or so, and decided to compile a short list of the posts that have been the most popular, either because of the number of visitors that the page has received, or tweets, or facebook likes, or a combination of these.

Here’s the list of those road bike cycling posts, together with a short description.

Best road bike cycling cadence to lose weight

If you want to lose weight cycling, then the best way is increasing the speed at which your legs go round, maintain good breathing, and increase the time you are out on a bike.

British heart foundation diet

I got really angry when I discovered there was a 3 day diet that had taken on the name of the BHF diet.  It’s a scam.  Because the real diet, listed here, is excellent.  And the British heart foundation kept my grandad alive for a good few more years.  This is the diet I follow, and I recommend it to people both on and off line.

Mountain bike insurance

Roll down a muddy hill with big bumps in it, and you’ll come off…if not now, then soon.  And you might get mashed up, your bike might get mashed up.  How long do you think you need insurance for?  Whatever, if you are going out on the hills, home or abroad, mountain bike insurance is a must.

Bike repair stand

If you do any sort of maintenance on a bike, a bike repair stand is another one of those essentials.  Just recently I have discovered this particularly relates to the tuning of dérailleurs.  It’s much harder when your bike is upside down and you are trying to change gear and tune up.  And it really hurts your back.  A stand at the right height works wonders.

Bike carriers for cars

I’ve written a fair bit about this again, and the most recent factor is that you can’t hang a high-end bike of a tailgate.

Second hand road bikes

Road bikes don’t have to cost the earth to get you out on the road.  Second hand is a good way to go, but the problem is that some of those beauties could be dangerous if crashed.  I detail here what you should look out for.

Assos bib shorts

High-end shorts.  They are a thing of wonder, even though they are really expensive.

Bike doctor ipod app

I love this one.  It’s actually answered some questions that my manual couldn’t!